The Halo-Rooms/Salt rooms  are similar to Halo-Cabins, with same atmosphere and are designed for group therapy. The Halo- Rooms offer largest space, suitable to practice the salt mine therapy (speleo-therapy or halo-therapy) by compact groups, for small business, organized therapy sessions or wellness activities.
    The similarity of Halo-Rooms atmosphere with Halo-Cabins atmosphere shown the same chemical-curative characteristics with the difference of largest space thank’s to the building technic of the salt walls and floor. The Salter Room can be rebuilt in different existent spaces: living rooms, empty rooms, basement rooms, undersoil spaces, different kinds of hangars, garden cabins, etc. To build up the Halo-Rooms are designed special wooden structures and special wooden floors witch are using to coating with salt. All wooden materials are special profiles to permit a long-life use of the Halo-Rooms.

Note: Each Halo-Room is designed separately, depending of the existent structure and building characteristics. The salt quantity is determined by existent inside space physical factors. The design of the Halo-Rooms is allowed only qualified persons.
    The Halo-Rooms are suitable for prophylactic or cure treatments, bedrooms, wellness rooms, gymnastic rooms, athletic rooms, rest rooms, sanatorium, nursing home, store rooms, experimental enclosed spaces, etc.